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Travel medicine and Vaccination

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Are you going to take care of your health before making a trip?

It is believed that tickets, passport and visa issues are the first priority for travelling. We are sure that it is your health what has to be put first.

In our globalized world, about 1 million people travel internationally every day. In many developing and tropical countries, vaccine-preventable diseases like cholera, dengue, malaria, and typhoid still are a significant threat. The favourite holiday destinations like Tanzania, Egypt, Laos and Cambodia are evaluated as high-risk countries where infections may cause serious health problems and result in an international evacuation. Even large rapidly developing countries like Argentina, Russia or Indonesia provide high quality health care only in major cities while the rest of country lacks medical assistance.

Even if you do not go abroad, prevention of infection-related diseases is surely important for daily life at home as well.

Vaccination helps to avoid health risks resulting from travelling to tropical and developing countries or from the local vaccine-preventable diseases. We provide vaccinations and medicine services to travellers heading overseas, as well as seasonal and routine immunizations.

Our travel medicine services include personalised health risk assessment, tailored to your destination, and vaccinations for going to any country in the world. If you are visiting BrazilChinaIndiaKenyaPeruSouth AfricaThailand or Vietnam we do recommend you to consider vaccination.

We offer a complete range of vaccinations to prevent risk of chickenpoxcholera, diphtheria, fluhepatitismalaria,meningitis, poliomyelitis, rabies, typhoid, yellow fever, etc.

Protect yourself now by timely vaccination!